Sri Lanka, renowned globally as the ‘Emerald Isle’, full of lush jungles and forests teeming with beautiful wildlife including elephant, leopard, bear and sambur, is under threat due to many incidents of environmental destruction. Large scale environmental degradation and deforestation is occurring throughout the island damaging and destroying entire ecosystems.

On this site you will be able to find out more about the current environmental issues being faced island wide including in depth footage, photos and commentary. We hope you too will become an informed citizen and let your voice be heard against the ongoing environmental destruction and join us to stand together to protect our beautiful country. Our precious natural heritage should be protected for ALL who live in it providing ALL Sri Lankans with clean water, fresh air, fertile soil and healthy oceans for generations to come.

Join Us

Join the peoples movement to protect Sri Lanka from the destruction of our natural heritage.

We stand for and are united to

  • Protect our natural resources
  • Protect our wildlife and their habitats
  • Protect our last remaining natural forests
  • Protect our water bodies for the people of Sri Lanka
  • Protect our natural heritage for Sri Lanka’s current and future generations
  • Protect Sri Lanka’s sovereignty for the people of Sri Lanka

Coalition to Protect Our Natural Heritage